Strengthen the social policy towards your employees

The development and protection of your employees are fundamental to the success of your company. Ensuring their financial well-being is essential in their personal and professional lives.

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Notification of down payment confirmed

Stairwage digitizes, secures and pays advance payments. 

Stairwage provides a rigorous framework and process for managing advance payments. This is fully digitized and automated, thanks to compatibility with all payroll software. Stairwage takes care of payment on account, and reimbursements are grouped together at the same time as payroll, for simplified accounting and zero impact on cash flow.
Stairwage contributes to enhancing the employer brand, and fits naturally into the company's Quality of Working Life strategy, helping to increase employee attractiveness and loyalty.

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Attractive, and a retention of your employees
A more attractive company and high employee retention.
Attractive, and a retention of your employees
Decrease absenteeism
An increase in employee motivation and a decrease in absenteeism.
Decrease absenteeism
Reduction of administrative tasks
A reduction in the administrative burden of the down payment for the whole company.
Reduction of administrative tasks
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Fast and rigorous implementation

Stairwage integrates quickly and securely with your payroll software, while being 100% RGPD compliant.

The Stairwage implementation team works with your company from launch to production, with the goal of a successful deployment.

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Payment of salary on demand

It is the new lever for companies to attract employees by reducing their financial stress


of French workers are stressed by their financial situation


of employees approve of the implementation of Stairwage


are not familiar with the legal system of advance payment


Client testimonial

"Accorinvest chose Stairwage, the leader in France, to digitize its advance payments". Read Olga Renda-Blanche's testimonial, Director of Human Resources at Accorinvest.